Pedavena, a brand with over 100 years of history

Pedavena beer, with its 100% Italian style, will continue to be produced following the ancient recipe of Luciani brothers, with the crystal clear water of the Dolomites, the fragrant hops and pure yeast under the guidance of a master brewer exceptional, Gianni Pasa, who already in Pedavena had created the famous “beer of the centenary”.

Dolomites Special slow fermentation beer on tap 5.9% vol.

Special light-colored beer, by the intense golden reflections. The long time of fermentation and maturation enhance the flavor component of raw materials. Its full flavor and slightly fruity makes it appreciated by the most demanding and suitable for many food pairings.

Dolomiti beer Pils 33 cl 4.9 vol.

Pils beer light in color and golden hues. The special fermentation process and the use of the malt of the Dolomites gives it a full and harmonious taste, an important and delicate personality at the same time. The compact foam and persistent aftertaste makes it suitable for consumption throughout the meal and perfect to satisfy the desire for a balanced and refreshing beer

Birra Dolomiti Double Malt 33 cl 6.7 vol.

Double malt beer of golden color and amber hues. The long time of fermentation and maturing at low temperatures allow the obtaining a slow sensory refinement that gives a high olfactory intensity and a complex taste and fruity with notes of apple, vanilla and almond. In aftertaste emerges a floral scent of hops and malt of the Dolomites.

Pedavena 33 cl 5% vol.

It ‘a super-premium low fermentation. E ‘it characterized by a delicately balanced and harmonious taste, when the average alcohol content gives roundness and fullness. The hint of hops, the exceptional persistence of the foam and golden brown complete the profile of this extremely nice beer to drink. The name of this beer comes from its geographical location, the factory of Pedavena founded in 1897, it is located at the foot of Mount Avena in the Belluno Dolomites National Park. This beer can say a thousand things, is produced exclusively with mineral water derived from the sources of the mountains and Oliveto Porcilla located at the foot of the peaks of Feltre, with high quality raw materials according to the ancient tradition of brewing.

Pedavena Special 50 cl 5.9% vol.

Recourse to the ancient recipe of special beers that were once made in the historic factory of Pedavena, along with the wealth of aromas and fullness of taste make this beer unique and much appreciated by the most demanding consumers. The long time of fermentation and maturation enhance the flavor component of the precious hops and raw materials expertly employed by Brewmaster of now as the Brewers’ Masters of the past. The alcohol content of 5.9 purposely important and typical of special beers, makes a beer suitable for the most important occasions of which preserve memoria.È a light beer with a golden color and a compact and persistent foam. To appreciate the most of its features goes consumed at a temperature of 7-9 ° C.

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