Rhum e Ron

Rhum "Agricultural"

It comes from the direct fermentation of cane juice or vesou without the extraction of sugar.

The extraction of the cane juice is obtained by shredding.
Recently got the AOC Appelation d’Origine Controlée.


Demerara 32 years Enmore Distillare
Demarara 1985 Port Morant Distillery
Demerara 1992 Port Morant Distillery

Spanish Brandy

Sugar Estate 1996


Rhum Riserva 1991 Plantation
Rhum Riserva 1993 Plantation

Santo Domingo

Brugal Extra Viejo
Barcelò Anejo 5 years
Barcelò Gran Anejo 7 years
Barcelò Imperiale


Mathusalem 15 anni Gran Reserva
Bacardi Carta Blanca
Bacardi Riserva
Bacardi 8 years
Liberacion 15 years


Sainte Luce 1977
Trois Rivieres 8 years
Trois Rivieres 1996
La Favorite Coer de Rhom
La Favorite Cuvèe Speciale
Clement 1970


Rhom riserva 1987 West Indies distillery
Rhom riserva Plantation
Rum riserva Kaniche
Rum riserva Kaniche
Rum Mount Gay “1703”


Barbancourt riserva 8 years
Barbancourt riserva 15 years


Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario
Ron Zacapa Etiqueta Negra Reserva
Ron Zacapa XO


Old Rum Gosling’s
Ron Bermudez 150°Anniversario


Rhum Blanc Agricolae

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