Japanese Whiskey

Masataka Taketsuru "the visionary"

Born in 1894 from an ancient family of sake producers, Masataka Taketsuru is considered the father delgiapponese. After completing chemical studies, find work in a company in Osaka, the Settsu Shuzo, who cultivates his dream of creating a Japanese whiskey. In 1919 it is then sent to Scotland peril necessary technical knowledge; Here is passionate about the world of spirits, and processes the dream dicreare a malt distillery in Japan. Back home the following year, it makes Taketsuru prestoche the project for which it was assumed never come true and also, after the financial crash del1922, loses his job. A year later he was hired by Kotobukiya group, who had him costruiredistilleria near Kyoto; that’s how, in 1924, becomes the father of the first Japanese whiskey. Nel1934, then, decides to continue alone: create companies Nippo Kaju and undertook the construction dellaYoichi, on the island of Hokkaido. The first assemblies dating back to 1939; the height of the war, in October 1940, saw the light the first bottle. In 1952 the company was named definitivoNIkka Whisky. The success is such that the installation of a second distillery in 1969 on the island of Honshu. Masataka Taketsuru she died ten years later, at age 85.

Yoichi – The best single malt in the world! At 50 km west of Sapporo, Japan-Hokkaido island of Hokkaido, the Yoichi distillery is immediately striking for pietrail walls and red tiled roofs: tradition joins a taste of which only the Japanese possess the secret. The distillery has a source of underground water, filtered through peat, the best whiskey peril, and also has its own room ‘kiln’, topped with traditional fireplaces pagoda, which has ceased to be active in the early ’70s . Pot stills are still ancoraa heat, according to a traditional method that most Scottish distilleries abandoned; with their onion-shaped, these stills produce an alcohol rich and corposo.geografica the distillery also one kilometer from the sea, helps to give to questowhisky a complex character, from the salty and slightly medicinal notes. The Yoichi pays curanella selection of the barrels, then calls Hogshead, which are manufactured on the spot with the young oak wood in an increasingly widespread practice in Scotland.

Single Malt “Yoichi” 10 years
Pure Malt “Taketsuru” 21 years

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