Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey

Irish people and some historians maintains that Whisky originated in Ireland rather than in Scotland. This is an ancient historical and philologic dispute which has never been settled.

In Ireland, the origin of Whisky is placed in the sixth century. Whisky is spelled with an extra “e” in Ireland.

Production area: Irlanda
Ingredients: Barley and other cereals
Alcoholic degree: 43°
Appearance and taste: Yellow-greenish, with a very dry taste; taste of turf, barley and sprouted barley
Ageing: More than 5 years, in durmast barrels previously used for sherry

Irish Whiskey is produced in three successive distillations.

Irish Whiskey

Old Bushmille 10 years malt
Old Bushmille 5 years
Tullamore Dew
Jameson 12 years

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