The road form wine to brandy is a long one, with many stages and stops; many are the countries claiming the paternity of the name.

The term is believed to derive from Old German “brand” meaning “fire”, thence the Dutch “brsnde wijn” which means “burned or distilled wine”. “Brandy” should thus be the contraction of the Dutch term.

However, one should not forget that in the old Piedmontese dialect acquavitae was called “branda”, a term used to indicate the roar of fire.

Italian Brandy

Vecchio 800 “ Full Proof “ Tosolini
Stravecchio “ 100 “ Branca
Brandy di Brunello R.Cosimi
Brandy “Vecchio Rovere” 1983 Giori
Asbach Roner
Vecchia Romagna Buton
Stravecchio – Branca

Spanish Brandy

Carlos I
Cardenal Mendoza
Gran Duque d’Alba

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