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American Whisky

The history of whisky produced and distilled in America is an interesting one, intertwined with history of the “States” independence, competing against imported whisky, up to the clandestine production of the age of prohibitionism, on whose defence or attack flood of words have been written.

Production area: United States, Kentucky and Bourbon
Ingredients: 51% grain, barley, rye and other cereals
Alcoholic degree 43°
Appearance and taste: Light yellow with a brown hue, full bodied and strong taste, lively scent
Ageing: More than 5 years in American oak barrels. Tennessee whisky is produced in the homonymous state, usually served in a decanter. It is called “Rye whisky” when corn represents more than 50% of the cereals in the recipe.

American whiskey


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Southern Confort


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Anct Age 6 years
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